P R O J E C T S : in collaboration with Helene Torp


Power To Live In A Modern World 

Torp & Liseth ©2015 Nature is. Nature has often been used as an image of  … more





Into The Sun – video

Torp & Liseth © 2015 Into The Sun relates to metaphysic ideas and the theory that every moment is a new reality… more




Sounds Of Mother Earth

Torp& Liseth©2014 This soundpiece is based upon Torp & Liseths own poems and a channeled recording … more



Do We Fight For Peace? 

Torp & Liseth ©2014  We investigate how to approach a world where we see that peace is possible… more


I Am The Gallery

Torp & Liseth © 


1-1-2 Tuning In From The Galaxy

Torp & Liseth ©2014  1-1-2 Tuning In From The Galaxy deals with spirituality, the power of thought … more