into the sun
soloexhibition by Torp & Liseth


8.april – 23. april 2015

Into The Sun is also the title of the video work installed central in the show. The work relates to metaphysics and the idea that every moment is a new reality. This is a conversation between two artists where reality and fantasy merges, and which strongly alternates between intellect and emotions, abstractions and concrete reality where the artist represents the transition between the different realities and shift between them. First hand experience with a multidimensional psychedelic reality meets spiritual wisdom and deep digging beyond the idea of separation.

The painting is surrounded by excerpt from the conversation printed on the wall, a colorful painting and a series of round floating plexi drawings with occult and spiritual environment. Also here fantasy and reality are put under the microscope. The work has all performative elements. Movement of energy – expression to set things in motion are articulated in different ways.

Torp & Liseth explore the artist as shaman. A link between our world and a multidimentional ever-changing reality.

Catalog text by art writer John Austin: Suppleness of Life in the Work of Torp & Liseth